Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Plant a Tree

Landscaping Calgary terrain is always a challenge.  Here are steps to planting that beautiful tree that will become part of the spirit of your garden or outdoor area.

1.  Figure out if you can dig deep holes where you are planting the tree if you are digging near phone or utility lines.  Call the city of Calgary to make sure.
2.  Plant your tree in Fall or Autumn as that is the best time to plant trees.
3.  Pick the right tree for Calgary's climate.  Here is a list for trees good for Calgary:
4.  The Hole.
    You want to make the hole 2 to 3 times the size of the root ball.  Next you want to create a stand of dirt in the centre of the whole.  Make sure to use a cultivator to loosen the dirt around it.
5.  Getting your tree ready to go into the hole.  If it's a small tree, turning it upside down to remove it from the pot should work.  If it's a large tree, use scissors to cut open the burlap the roots are wrapped in.  Do not handle the tree without the burlap.  Simply stick in the whole and cut out as much burlap as possible.
6.  When planting the tree do it gently and make sure the dirt is at the same level it was in the pot.  Do not cover where the stems turn into roots (called the crown) or leave roots uncovered.
7.  To enrich the soil use some compost or composted manure.
8.  Do not use commercial fertilizer.
9.  If it is a fruit or nut tree, it will need more love and care.
10. Water the tree. 3.7 litres for every 15 centimetres of tree height.
11. Cover around the tree with about 5 centimetres of mulch.
12. You might need to stake the tree for the first year.  Due to Calgary winds, this is probably a very good idea for smaller trees as stakes prevent them from blowing over.
13. Watering is necessary for the first several years before the tree comes into its own.
14.  Buy and drive an SUV to even out your carbon footprint.

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