Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calgary Landscaping Design: Before Going to the Nursery Part 1

It's best not to plan your garden or landscape design while at the gardening centre or plant nursery.  You will end up with plants that strike you as attractive while they are small shrubs or spikes.  Plant them too close to the house however and they become a problem as huge, mature trees or bushes.  Then they'll need constant cutting back or even complete removal.  Sometimes they;ll crack the sidewalk cement or porch, they might even crack the foundation of the house.

Here are some important things to consider when buying a plant:
  • Height and Width of the mature plant.  This is how tall and wide plant will become. Not considering this can cause problems in the future.
  • Form is the basic shape of a plant and how it will fill and accent the space it is in. Popular forms are weepy, arching, round, creeping, columnar, vase, weeping, oval.
  • Texture is the courseness and fineness of the plant leaves, stems.  It's best to use more finer plants and contrast those with the occasional coarser plant. Some plants have huge leaves and stems and others are delicate.
  • Seasonal interest and color are the colors and special features of a plant throughout the year, expecially blossoms, colours in autumn or winter, foliage, fruit.
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