Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Value of Landscape Design

Landscape design can increase the value of your commercial or residential property.  An expert landscape designer can develop a plan and work with you through the entire design process from meeting with you initially to what you need, to finished development.  The landscaper can also analyse your site and deal with permits and construction. It's best to hire an expert landscaper to create a professional and aesthetic landscape design.  
Once finished, you must  to maintain and protect the landscape design and installation.  A proper landscape design project provides for scheduled care for shrubs, vines, lawn and flower beds. Trees are trimmed regularly and cared for as well.  Regular mulching is needed to make sure that the exchange of air and water into the soil is healthy. A landscape expert will keep a regular scheduled service to make sure that all the plants look good and are healthy, and conforms to the original design.
Commercial landscaping needs maintenance as well. Commercial properties may have landscape lighting which creates a brilliant and dramatic night time effect for the property. This is good for public relations, marketing, and security.  A professional landscaping expert makes sure that this lighting system is well-maintained as it becomes deterrent to  crime and this is invaluable to  businesses who normally conduct business at night like hotels, restaurants, bars, and country clubs.  Other industries also benefit from the security and promotion a good lighting system provides for their business.
Irrigation system is and integral part of a landscape service program. A well-run irrigation system the right amount of water to the right area and provides worry-free watering for the property owners.  It also helps with drainage. For example, Calgary gets a lot of thunder storms so what it needs is a good drainage system. It will at least protect the property fr om flooding. Keeping a drainage system that is well developed, installed and properly maintained is essential.
A good Calgary landscaper company is Cat Trax Services.

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